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01 September 2009 @ 11:43 pm
▋▍ ... scelti 1o1 > rules/faq  

        ● ● ════════════════════  RULES ════════════════════
DRAMA   Wank will NOT be tolerated in this community. If there is anyone creating drama, it will be reported directly to the mods and they will deal with it directly. If it is not resolved, then the individual will either be asked nicely to leave the community, or expelled from the community forcibly. If there is wank, there is a solution. That is all.

GODMODDING   This should be a given for anyone who has been role playing so far. Basically, you should let the other player decide if they want to receive the hit or dodge instead of forcibly saying, they get hurt and die immediately. This can be remedied by planning with the other player before hand, or asking for permission to do things your character is capable of over the OOC board--even a permissions and stats meme on their journal/profile can work.

FOURTH-WALLING   Fourth-walling is to be used to one's discretion. Some series do this, such as Bakuman or Gintama. These types of series are ultimately allowed, but to be played with some caution as some muns may find this to not be fair. Be sure to include your thoughts in your character's stats and permissions meme, and/or be polite and ask for permission first. Fourth-walling should be used for comedy purposes, not causing distress to other characters or muns. This rule may be changed if there are problems or complaints regarding fourth-walling.

ACTIVITY   Being active in this game is very, very crucial to the game's survival since events are taking place all month long and important to participate at least once a week. Please don't just apply for a character then never post with them, or you might get a talking to. And don't immediately go on hiatus for more than two weeks immediately after joining--just drop, alright? We won't take it personally.

RATING   This game was rated with having adult concepts and is pretty much rated to be a PG-13 community. This means you can swear and the like, I don't really mind since a lot of characters do that anyway. Sex is another thing--although this community is PG-13, I will allow NC-17 situations (after all, in order to recreate a population there must be procreation). Just make sure beforehand that your partner is comfortable with it, and to make proper rating warnings on your log or continue the rest in your journal behind a cut. Or you can just fade to black.

SHYNESS   PLEASE DON'T BE AFRAID!! ; O; WE LOVE YOU! ...Ahem. Don't be afraid to interact with people outside of your cast. This is a panfandom/multifandom game, so you're bound to interact with people outside of your regular fandom. Also don't be too shy to build relations with people out of character. No one's going to bite! Otherwise, if you stick only to your cast, a dressing room may be better suited for you.

CHARACTERS   When you're applying, we will leave it up to you whether you want to apply for characters that don't appear often in canon. If they only appear once, or are very minor characters, then you probably shouldn't apply for them here. But, we will leave it up to you. You're smart, right? This being said, characters like Matt from Death Note are a-okay. What we won't allow is AU versions of characters that never once appeared in canon.

APPLYING   The most characters we will allow for a single individual to have is five. If you want to apply for anymore characters after you've reached your limit, then you will need a mod's permission. NPCs however do not count towards your limit, as they most likely will not participate as heavily as canon characters will. Applying for NPCs, however, while they are allowed you will also need to talk to a mod first.

OPEN-MINDEDNESS   This game is yaoi, yuri, and het pairing friendly. Sex and drugs and whatever crazy things you decide to bring with you from your canon is also cool. Sometimes, it can actually be quite interesting. If you don't like anything of that sort, please just keep it to yourself and don't start fights with other muns over it. This being said, pairing wars are also pretty much frowned upon.

        ● ● ════════════════════  FAQ ════════════════════

FANDOM   Scelti is very open minded about fandoms (after all, life has to be studied intricately). You can apply from anime, manga, video games, movies, books, etc. It doesn't really matter, as long as you have substantial canon to support your character. Filler arcs to fandom are admittedly kind of iffy, but the same rules apply regardless.

CURRENCY   In the city, there is definitely a type of currency involved--and a different currency that you may have used in the real world. In Scelti, the currency is run by colored stones and precious gems.

Diamond: The equivalent of three hundred eighty-one dollars.
Sapphire: The equivalent of one hundred ninety dollars.
Aquamarine: The equivalent to seventy-six dollars.
Pearl: The equivalent of thirty-eight dollars.
Black stone: The equivalent of nineteen dollars.
Gold stone: The equivalent of four dollars.
Silver stone: The equivalent of two dollars.
Red stone: The equivalent of one dollar.

You are free to exchange whatever money your character may have on them for even more money than what they started with, just remember that one-hundred yen is basically one dollar, and use exchange rates or estimations with anything else.

POWERS   A character's powers are just limited to the point where they can't cause too much chaos or defile the environment or buildings while staying in the city. They still, however, have their powers so characters can combat each other. On the other hand, during certain tests and events will a character's powers not be limited in any way. While dead (and yes, even if your character has some form of immortality, they can still die) in the Chamber of the Guf, a character's powers will also not be limited.

DEATH   When a character dies, then a character will be thrown into the well, also known as the Well of Souls, in Gevurah. This will lead them to the Chamber of the Guf where they will have to travel through it in order to resurface into the City and get their life back. You can think of this as a test in itself that a character will have to undergo, except instead of being guided by the higher-ups you will be guided by a bird.

ROOMING   You will be roomed with one other person for one whole month. During this time, your character can request to change rooms if they do not like where they are staying or are having problems with their roommate. But after the end of the month, your character will be roomed with someone else, in a different sector--unless they personally request to stay where they are, of course. The higher-ups will respect your wishes... at least for a little while.

LAWS   Scelti does have certain laws you must abide by. Most of them are to be figured out as time passes and determined by whoever becomes appointed as an Officer, but one must know that common punishment for crime is death. For now, certain crimes you must be aware of that can be punishable by death include committing robbery and destroying fruit trees.

TIME   One in-game day is the same as a day outside of the game. One in-game month = one real life month. It's the simplest of methods to follow dates and keeping track of time.

TAGS   In Scelti, tags are useful to keep things organized. When you make your entry, just simply tag your post with the name of your character. You can access the tags from the Scelti's profile, right next to where the userpic is supposed to be.

JOURNALS   We will not be using character journals to role play. Role playing will take place on the main Scelti community instead. What goes on a character journal is your application, stats and permissions, whatever is for your own convenience and anything else you may want other players to know.

LOGGING   Logging is basically held between one or two other characters beside your own, either for one on one encounters or group discussions between characters. This can be funny, dramatic, or srsbsns. Whatever you want, as long as you type in lengthy, third-person posts.

ANYTHING ELSE?   Phew! That sure was long, huh? Wait, there's still something that hasn't been clarified? Go ahead and comment here on this post with your question! <3

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Ten: kumohira/rokujo - 15 milescounttosheep on September 20th, 2009 08:14 pm (UTC)
I don't think I missed the section where this was covered, so I wanted to ask to be sure.

Are characters allowed to bring over special weapons? More specifically, the object in question are motorized rollerblades, which can function as either a convenient way to get around or... do things like shoot foot lasers and make fire, depending on the rollerblades themselves and the user (this is probably making the canon obvious but I'll pretend I'm being subtle).

Also, are characters allowed to be apped post-death?
Hina: ❤ ﹥spell boundreflectives on September 20th, 2009 08:58 pm (UTC)
Yes! They're free to do that, because (lol) I pondered apping someone that can actually turn themselves into a bike or car. So it's all cool and perfectly okay, haha~

And yes, they are free to be apped that way, although I warn that death for them again might be possible for later on in this game. <3

(Nabari love~ I see it~)

Edited at 2009-09-20 08:59 pm (UTC)
Ten: rokujo - winnarcounttosheep on September 21st, 2009 12:44 am (UTC)
Ah, okay, thanks for answering!

(And yes the love is there~)
better with razzmatazz: nino: doujinshi: yeah rightmomentarily on September 22nd, 2009 01:49 pm (UTC)
Since character journals aren't used, would it be okay (if accepted) for me to use a journal currently in use in another journal based game, as long as the application and details relevant to scelti were tagged and stickied at the top of the character journal?
sceltimod on September 22nd, 2009 08:15 pm (UTC)
I personally don't mind. c: That's cool too. If/when you get accepted, you can go ahead and just tag them though if you wish.