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01 September 2009 @ 11:19 pm
▋▍ ... scelti 1o1 > guide  

        ● ● ════════════════════  CITY SECTORS ════════════════════
      Chochmah  × × sector number 1
¯¯ ¯  Many small and beta shops are located here in this very first portion of the city; thus meaning, Chochmah is perhaps the best place to start a business to see if it is a success before you move it on to other sections. Also conveniently placed is a bar known as the Shimon Bar, for all you workers out there to chill out at after evening has set in. A nice ending feature to the sector dwellers, huh? Hell--you might even walk all the way from Malkuth just for this. And if not for the bar, perhaps for the weapons store Adler's Affray you'll also find in this sector.

      Binah  × × sector number 2
¯¯ ¯  Binah sits on the level below Chochmah. This sector here will be a rather low-key sector, one of the most notable spots in this sector being its bakery. At Sali Bakery, you will find an array of breads, cake, and confectionary sweets all for your enjoyment and comfort. Just make sure you watch out so you don't grow a couple of dress sizes within a couple of days.

      Daat  × × sector number 3
¯¯ ¯  In Daat, things are operated on two levels. If you're lucky enough to be placed in this sector, you will be able to have a room on a highly elevated floor that can allow you to have an exceptional view of the domed city from your spot in the sector. Below, you will find the Asher's Clothing store for men's clothing. Here you can find both casual clothing and formal, or maybe a combination making a "forsual" style for you to take a stroll in. Oh you look so cash.

      Chesed  × × sector number 4
¯¯ ¯  Kindness does not come short in this sector. Believe it or not, you may be better off stopping at The Blue Lotus for whatever alternative medicines and treatments you may happen to need during your stay in Scelti, such as aromatherapy based items and herbal ointments. Even as a small store, the people there are incredibly generous. And near the Blue Lotus is a small shop titled Ninamori Flower Shoppe where gorgeous flowers are sold for you to give as a gift for your loved ones. Where did the shopkeeper get these flowers? Why, from the forest area of the domed city, of course!

      Gevurah  × × sector number 5
¯¯ ¯  Geverah may be your most frequented sector, depending on your level of delinquency and the picking of fights. Here lies Solas Hospital, your automatic stop for whatever injury you may receive whether it is from a monster or a fellow citizen. They don't really want to waste their breath on someone ready to die though, but they will help you since it's their job to do so. Strangely enough, there's also a well placed near the center. Called the Well of Souls, it's rumored that if you listen closely you can hear voices as well as the sounds of a river or some kind of large body of water coming from down there...

      Tiferet  × × sector number 6
¯¯ ¯  This sector's purpose is to reinforce beauty amongst the young ladies! Luriah is an expansive clothing shop for women with all the newest, colorful fashions you may remember from your previous world... and maybe even some futuristic styles you may not have seen before. Either way, you won't leave this store dissatisfied--and that's a guarantee (hopefully). And then on right after your shopping spree, you can chill at the Cielo's Spa for the rest of the afternoon.

      Netzach  × × sector number 7
¯¯ ¯  Netzach is located just past Chesed (at least, if you're traveling south). You'll probably be traveling here to pick up food at a few restaurants--the largest here being The Strand, a seafood and steak restaurant with creative other sidedishes. The higher-ups have a love for fish, and you should too. The Jewel is also a restaurant rivaling The Strand, although it is smaller (but it has more of an expanded menu). And after a full stomach, it's probably not a bad idea to walk off all those calories once you've paid a visit to Cordovero Shoes!

      Hod  × × sector number 8
¯¯ ¯  In Hod, festivals are known to take place here in this section from time to time--or at the very least, be where the tests are held on occasion. Aside from that, this is a pretty calm sector with not much going on during a regular daily basis. You are free to settle yourself in the book store known as Dion Fortune. If you look through some of the nooks of such store, you may even find some items of occult interest...

      Yesod  × × sector number 9
¯¯ ¯  This sector is known to have the most nightlife, with its signature nightclub Poison Butterflies. It's specifically for those of you who can't seem to get to sleep (or don't sleep at all), and as such, it's obvious that Yesod is the sector to go to in the middle of the night while the moon's out. Granted, this won't help you get any rest at all, but at least you won't be bored... right?

      Malkuth  × × sector number 10
¯¯ ¯  At the far end of the city you may expect perhaps some kind of royalty, although what you may find here is probably not going to be a kingdom of sorts. Instead, you're likely to find the Koenig Convience Store for a combination of all your needs-- at a low price, too! Just make sure you don't get too carried away with stocking up, alright? But before you set off into the day, why not have a revitalizing visit to Vilna's Coffee and Tea Shop during those dreary mornings?

        ● ● ════════════════════  CITY PATHS ════════════════════
      The Twenty-Two Paths  × ×
¯¯ ¯
      ↙↙ first path
From Chochmah (1) to Binah (2) is the Aleph Path.

      ↙↙ second path
From Chochmah (1) to Daat (3) is the Beth Path.

      ↙↙ third path
From Chochmah (1) to Tiferet (6) is the Gimel Path.

      ↙↙ fourth path
From Binah (2) to Daat (3) is the Daleth Path.

      ↙↙ fifth path
From Binah (2) to Tiferet (6) is the Heh Path.

      ↙↙ sixth path
From Binah (2) to Chesed (4) is the Vav Path.

      ↙↙ seventh path
From Daat (3) to Tiferet (6) is the Zain Path.

      ↙↙ eighth path
From Daat (3) to Geburah (5) is the Cheth Path.

      ↙↙ ninth path
From Chesed (4) to Geburah (5) is the Teth Path.

      ↙↙ tenth path
From Chesed (4) to Tiferet (6) is the Yod Path.

      ↙↙ eleventh path
From Chesed (4) to Netzach (7) is the Kaph Path.

      ↙↙ twelfth path
From Geburah (5) to Tiferet (6) is the Lamed Path.

      ↙↙ thirteenth path
From Geburah (5) to Hod (8) is the Mem Path.

      ↙↙ fourteenth path
From Tiferet (6) to Netzach (7) is the Nun Path.

      ↙↙ fifteenth path
From Tiferet (6) to Yesod (9) is the Samekh Path.

      ↙↙ sixteenth path
From Tiferet (6) to Hod (8) is the Ayin Path.

      ↙↙ seventeenth path
From Netzach (7) to Hod (8) is the Peh Path.

      ↙↙ eighteenth path
From Netzach (7) to Yesod (9) is the Tzaddi Path.

      ↙↙ nineteenth path
From Netzach (7) to Malkuth (10) is the Qoth Path.

      ↙↙ twentieth path
From Hod (8) to Yesod (9) is the Resh Path.

      ↙↙ twenty-first path
From Hod (8) to Malkuth (10) is the Shin Path.

      ↙↙ twenty-second path
From Yesod (9) to Malkuth (10) is the Tav Path.

        ● ● ════════════════════  ROOMING ════════════════════
Rooming will last for one month entirely, so most likely your character will gain some CR with whoever they become roomed with. If a character you play is placed in the same room as another character you also play, comment early on so I can make proper changes. You can also make a request for rooming change if two or more of your characters are placed in the same sector, although it may not be much of a problem if it is only two. Also, if there is a character I happened to miss, comment to the rooming/curse entry so a mod can make the necessary edit.

Since it may be likely that a character will not know their roommate initially, they may find out that getting along is not exactly an option later on. Or maybe, perhaps, a female character will feel uncomfortable being stuck with one of the local creepers (or a male in general). Your muse is free comment here with their requests or complaints, and the higher-ups might take pity and change your characters rooming by the next curse post. RP Spam on said requests/complaints is optional for more lulz.

Newly joining characters may find that they will be roomed with an existing pair or get their own rooms temporarily. At least until another individual arrives in Scelti or there is a change in rooming by the next curse post. Therefore it is wise to check the rooming every once in a while. The only other thing you have to know is that curses do not automatically affect your characters as they are resting in their sectors. Instead, they are gained as you walk across the city.

        ● ● ════════════════════  CURSES ════════════════════
The system of curses for Scelti will be unique, and will allow players to be more customizable and free with what kind of curses they may want. You can gain a curse by walking around from sector to sector to get where you want to go. Since there are different paths you can take, you can decide to mix them up and get a few of your favorite curses on the list for something of an interesting effect, even if your muse may not like you for it.

These curses will be around for two weeks before the list gets changed, so it will be twice per month. However, you can only rank up as many curses as you want for one week. Saturday is a resting day for all the city of Scelti, so no curses are in effect on that day at all. And after Saturday, all your character's previous curses will be erased and you can gain new ones for the latter week.

It's up to you to decide whether you really want a curse to affect your character or not, as well as how much it affects them. This is because a character might feel they want to travel to the coffee shop via the same route every morning. You don't have to give them the same curse they had the previous week, unless you really want to (which, in this case, the curse will be erased until your character manages to pick it up again).

You can have as many curses as you like, but be realistic as characters can only gain curses by walking through the city. One might get exhausted from walking all the way from Malkuth to Chochmah in one day, and then back home to sleep for the night. That, and some curses may not affect your character. Having your character possess all twenty-two curses for one week is not realistic, but having eleven curses for each week is a bit more realistic (unless they wanted to tour the city). However, note that it might be a bit hard to keep track of five or more curses on one character, so please don't bite off more than you can chew!

        ● ● ════════════════════  TESTS ════════════════════
      Test of Emanation  × × first week
¯¯ ¯  Your first test is a nature hunt. You go outside of the paths and into the more wooded areas of the dome city; here you're allowed to get lost... but not too lost. You'll be paired with one other person just to make you feel a bit safer. There will be a list of items--different every month--and people must role play their way into finding them. Threadjacking and fighting for said item is not against the rules. Watch out though for pesky vines that obstruct your path as well as giant Venus fly traps that might try to eat you... as well as any random monkeys or squirrels that decide they want to throw rocks or nuts at you.

      Test of Creation  × × second week
¯¯ ¯  People get one week to make anything they want from scratch. It could be craft, it could be cooking. Just make sure it's unique and have some sort of visual aesthetic. Who knows though--even the strangest creation has the ability to catch some eyes. By the end of the week, whatever you have made must appeal to appointed and regular judges within the City. Only half (or at least a certain number) of the people participating will win, though. So watch out.

      Test of Formation  × × third week
¯¯ ¯  The only test that changes every month depending on the amount of challengers that are left from the earlier tests. You don't have to worry; it's most likely going to be as fun of an event just like the previous once you had to endure. Do look forward to this--it might just end up being a festival of sorts!

      Test of Action  × × fourth week
¯¯ ¯  Now this last test... happens to be a secret. (:

      The Prize Involved  × × last day of the month
¯¯ ¯  The sole winner of all the tests at the end of the month either get to go back to their original world, not participate in whatever dangerous events that may unfold, or simply get a higher (perhaps even god-like) status within the city... like being appointed 'king', for example. Or they the higher-ups might just decide you're not good enough, so they kill you and throw you into the Well. Fun times.

Note that curses will be in effect during the duration of these tests as well.

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