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03 October 2009 @ 07:26 pm
▋▍ ... scelti > rooming post  

        ● ● ════════════════════  ROOMING ════════════════════
      Chochmah  × × sector number 1
dicktastic & stolinization

      Binah  × × sector number 2
eaturdamncake & digilens
rain_overme & usedcommonsense

      Daat  × × sector number 3
otherpromises & ruinousdrive
onhisperiod & sewing_archer
autorage & reallyokaybrain

      Chesed  × × sector number 4
losingtonoah & magiktuna & xmarker
candleinastorm & sharkys

      Gevurah  × × sector number 5
ihaveanowl & pebbleautoma
notvoyeur & crystal_type

      Tiferet  × × sector number 6
artisticbombs & ghostly_redeyes

      Netzach  × × sector number 7
byacreeper & fellsodeep
cantoallodora & jackoffjuliet

      Hod  × × sector number 8
furious_advance & oztentatious
justinkandpaper & bomba_fumante

      Yesod  × × sector number 9
shouke & 321_kaboom
sipfornicaras & sparktoflames

      Malkuth  × × sector number 10
fabucuffs & exydious_veil
mugenshi & combustingly

        ● ● ════════════════════  CURSES ════════════════════
  { » }     aleph path       - chochmah   + binah
Somebody call the WAAAAAMBULENCE! After walking this path you will have an uncontrollable urge to cry! So much that you can't stop! Well, you can, but it's going to take a huge effort to get you to stop. That and you can easily be set off again by the slightest thing said. Uh oh...

  { » }     beth path       - chochmah   + daat
Did you ever want to join the circus? You can now against your will! Soon enough you might think that you are an animal tamer, or a clown, or anything that has to do with a circus! Let's just hope you're not the one who thinks you can do "magic tricks"...

  { » }     gimel path       - chochmah   + tiferet
Oh dear... after braving this path, you start turning green and doing photosynthesis. What's happening!? You're turning into a plant! And eventually if you stop moving for a long time you'll get rooted to the ground (or the bed, even)...

  { » }     daleth path       - binah   + daat
Someone's watching you... you know there's someone out to get you... And even more than that! There's absolutely no one you can trust anymore! The Daleth Path will now make you paranoid about everything and everyone around you.

  { » }     heh path       - binah   + tiferet
You think you've joined the army, and have been promoted to a general. All of a sudden you're tough--strict with the others around you, always looking for the smallest flaws, and now you're yelling a lot too. GET A HOLD OF YOURSELF, SOLDIER!! Oh, be right back, war time.

  { » }     vav path       - binah   + chesed
Oh my god, isn't that cat just adorable? With this curse, you will find that you will start to grow an undeniable love for cute things. Fuzzy animals, decorated cakes, flowers, hearts, stars... Anything that can be considered "cute", you love it!

  { » }     zain path       - daat   + tiferet
Are you one of those classic tsundere characters? Well, that's going to change now. Your personality may turn to a change for the worse... maybe even for the better. Just remember that if you become a danger to society, we're not to blame.

  { » }     cheth path       - daat   + geburah
It's quiet... EVERYTHING'S SILENT! And I got to break the silence... Hello, hello? Anyone out there? Can anyone please talk to me? LALALA~ LALALALALA~! Whatever can keep things from being quiet, you will do your best to remedy it no matter what.

  { » }     teth path       - chesed   + geburah
After walking this path, strangely enough, you will begin to feel the effects of caffeine jitters... and the more you drink, the more this feeling will intensify! Pray you don't get this too bad you can't even sleep.

  { » }     yod path       - chesed   + tiferet
You don't seem to be able to walk straight any longer. Now you're crawling over tables sleazily and rolling along the ground to get where you are going. Bloody hell, are you retarded or something? No, not really--but this curse is making you seem that way.

  { » }     kaph path       - chesed   + netzach
OH MY GOD! There's a really, really small stain on my t-shirt! H-Hey, roommate, what are you doing!? The soap isn't even in the right spot! That's right--soon you're going to freak out and become paranoid over small things. Maybe even that strangely sensitive laptop you own.

  { » }     lamed path       - geburah   + tiferet
The "twitterpated" curse has changed as well--this time becoming much more specific. After going down the Lamed Path, your affections will soon be directed to none other than your roommate... But this doesn't make sense. I hate my roommate so much...! So much that... there are butterflies in my stomach.

  { » }     mem path       - geburah   + hod
Meeeeeeoowwww!!! This is the curse where soon enough, you'll start acting like an animal. And it could be any animal... even a bee; you want to sting someone, but you don't have a stinger so... you pinch them. Fleas among other animal related difficulties are not included.

  { » }     nun path       - tiferet   + netzach
If someone ever asks you a question, or implies information from you... You are going to tell the truth no matter what. Be careful though, you might speak of more truth than you really need to.

  { » }     samekh path       - tiferet   + yesod
Coming down with a fever? Feel you may have caught the flu? Too bad this is a curse, even a trip to the doctor won't get rid of those symptoms. Looks like you'll have to rely on rest and chicken noodle soup that won't really work until Saturday.

  { » }     ayin path       - tiferet   + hod
Soon enough, there will be a manifestation of your soul around you. You can glow a colour, or, or be surrounded by fluffy animals. Even your room may be covered in bright colors or posters. Just... don't ruin the city by going outside and letting it manifest on the buildings.

  { » }     peh path       - netzach   + hod
Have you ever taken a balloon and swallowed helium? Without any free will, your voice will begin to sound something like that... or something equally silly. Like your voice being slowed down, or... my goodness, why do I sound like Donald Duck!?

  { » }     tzaddi path       - netzach   + yesod
Instead of fearing your reflection... you're going to fall irresistibly in love with it. So much that it could almost be considered "selfcest". Wow, have you ever loved yourself so much before it's almost sinful? Just know that room service will definitely not clean those mirrors.

  { » }     qoth path       - netzach   + malkuth
Are you feeling the jive? Well guys and gals welcome to the 60's! Whether you earn the hippie mannerisms or deciding to go on a sexual revolution, please try to keep things to yourself and leave the authority alone. Yeah baby!

  { » }     resh path       - hod   + yesod
Oh dear... you just got all your new money from the higher ups. But now you feel as though you must spend it. All. It doesn't matter what; it may be on a new set of dishes or a new set of clothes, but you must shop no matter what!

  { » }     shin path       - hod   + malkuth
Going down this road, you feel an uncontrollable urge to trip someone along the way. Hey! Jeez, what a douche... And soon enough, you'll want to do more than just trip them and pretending you didn't do anything--you want to play a prank on them!

  { » }     tav path       - yesod   + malkuth
Watch out everyone! Whoever walks this path might develop a case of "Chronic Flashback Syndrome". You may become crazy, or completely silent--thinking. Perhaps you will completely narrate that experience, or mutter complete babble. Just for now, know that there's no available cure.

  (i) (n) (f) (o)  
Visit the guide page for further information on rooming and curses.

  (n) (o) (t) (e)  
Everyone starts out with one sapphire, two silver stones, and two red stones during these two weeks. Those who are currently here get one pearl and three gold stones.
The first two weeks' rooming will carry on into the month of October.
Comment if you don't want this to happen for your character.
NPCs are able to be affected with curses these two weeks.

  (c) (h) (e) (c) (k)  
combustingly & icamesofar & jackoffjuliet & otherpromises
In order to take your name off this list, go ahead and simply comment or make an entry. If you fail to meet the small bit of activity check, you will be removed from the RP.
If you are on hiatus or dropped your character, remember to let us know through the Hiatus/Drop post.