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18 September 2009 @ 05:20 pm
▋▍ ... scelti > rooming post  

        ● ● ════════════════════  ROOMING ════════════════════
      Chochmah  × × sector number 1
autorage & dolcecharm
icamesofar & sofateless

      Binah  × × sector number 2
eaturdamncake & digilens
rain_overme & usedcommonsense

      Daat  × × sector number 3
otherpromises & ruinousdrive

      Chesed  × × sector number 4
losingtonoah & magiktuna & xmarker
candleinastorm & sharkys

      Gevurah  × × sector number 5
ihaveanowl & pebbleautoma
notvoyeur & crystal_type

      Tiferet  × × sector number 6
artisticbombs & ghostly_redeyes
desupower & sambaing

      Netzach  × × sector number 7
superkicku & fellsodeep
cantoallodora & jackoffjuliet

      Hod  × × sector number 8
furious_advance & oztentatious
justinkandpaper & bomba_fumante

      Yesod  × × sector number 9
shouke & 321_kaboom
sipfornicaras & sparktoflames

      Malkuth  × × sector number 10
fabucuffs & exydious_veil
mugenshi & combustingly

        ● ● ════════════════════  CURSES ════════════════════
  { » }     aleph path       - chochmah   + binah
Well, we're buggered now, aren't we? As much as you might not like it, you're going to start to possess an accent you have never had before. Who knows if you could start saying words you don't even know the meaning for... or struggle with your own language altogether.

  { » }     beth path       - chochmah   + daat
You're in luck! Wishes you may have will come true after walking this path. At least, one's that can be reasonably arranged. World domination doesn't apply, sadly. Sorry, super villains.

  { » }     gimel path       - chochmah   + tiferet
After travelling this path, you'll feel FABULOUS and think you're totally hot. Want those new pair of shades? Whatever; no matter what, you're going to need it. By the way, sparkle text is like, totally optional.

  { » }     daleth path       - binah   + daat
You may start to accompany your communication with interpretive dance. This may either mean you will start speaking with your hands, or miming out your stories, or even being as dramatic as Broadway.

  { » }     heh path       - binah   + tiferet
Soon enough you might find yourself twitterpated. Or in other words, lovey-dovey. It's the short season of love, and you may find yourself attached to someone you already know, or a complete stranger... or both.

  { » }     vav path       - binah   + chesed
Ever heard of eisoptrophobia? Probably not, but now you will! Soon you may find yourself developing an inexplicable fear of your own reflection. This may lead to you avoiding mirrors--or removing them all together.

  { » }     zain path       - daat   + tiferet
You will start feeling the effects of old age. Although you may not physically change in appearance, you will begin to feel brittleness in your bones and you may forget what you did just five minutes ago. Don't worry, these aren't lasting effects... perhaps.

  { » }     cheth path       - daat   + geburah
A bad habit will start to develop. Perhaps it's chain drinking, or smoking--even if you don't like to smoke. It could be behavioral, like being a bad listener or know-it-all and maybe arguing or bragging. Stop that! No, sorry, you can't.

  { » }     teth path       - chesed   + geburah
Your creativity is skyrocketing today! You may write sonnets to your pets back home, eat with your hands, make an event to watch the sunrise, make a list, incubate... The possibilities are endless!

  { » }     yod path       - chesed   + tiferet
If someone ever asks you a question, or implies information from you... You are going to tell the truth no matter what. Be careful though, you might speak of more truth than you really need to.

  { » }     kaph path       - chesed   + netzach
Trying to find a way out already? That's too bad! You won't be able to assess or speak of any facts whatsoever, and instead you will only have your own opinions... which may prove not be the most useful in the end.

  { » }     lamed path       - geburah   + tiferet
You thought the lovey-dovey curse was horrid? Now you have to deal with the "Kissing Curse". Once you get this curse, kissing will become like a drug to you... even if you may not want to do it at all. And even if you refuse not to kiss something (yes, something), you will start to have withdrawal. Good luck!

  { » }     mem path       - geburah   + hod
You're feeling a bit more angry than usual. Soon you will have to submit to temper tantrums due to an urging lack of self control. Please, watch out for whose parade you rain on.

  { » }     nun path       - tiferet   + netzach
The more you walk along this path, the more you'll lose your voice. Before you know it, you might turn out to be completely mute before the end of the week. Too bad Scelti doesn't offer lessons on sign language.

  { » }     samekh path       - tiferet   + yesod
Are you one of those classic tsundere characters? Well, that's going to change now. Your personality may turn to a change for the worse... maybe even for the better. Just remember that if you become a danger to society, we're not to blame.

  { » }     ayin path       - tiferet   + hod
OH MY GOD! There's a really, really small stain on my t-shirt! H-Hey, roommate, what are you doing!? The soap isn't even in the right spot! That's right--soon you're going to freak out and become paranoid over small things. Maybe even that strangely sensitive laptop you own.

  { » }     peh path       - netzach   + hod
Beware a tendency to talk to inanimate objects. Unexpectedly you might find your laptop talking to you, or the book you were trying to read. The saying that the walls have ears finally has meaning--but they also have mouths this time around.

  { » }     tzaddi path       - netzach   + yesod
Soon you will start to have night vision and be more active during the night! Although this may develop bags underneath your eyes or make you sick, this is also your chance to hit the night club. Go for it!

  { » }     qoth path       - netzach   + malkuth
Watch out everyone! Whoever walks this path might develop a case of "Chronic Flashback Syndrome". You may become crazy, or completely silent--thinking. Perhaps you will completely narrate that experience, or mutter complete babble. Just for now, know that there's no available cure.

  { » }     resh path       - hod   + yesod
How much do you like a game of chance? Although not much action will be going on during the first couple of weeks in Scelti, you will strangely cater much more to the element of risk-taking.

  { » }     shin path       - hod   + malkuth
You'll start moving from place to place like you're in Mission: Impossible. Sneaking, creeping, doing barrel rolls and humming the theme song under your breath might be perfectly normal.

  { » }     tav path       - yesod   + malkuth
After going on this pathway you'll start to... feel more...... lazy......... Ugh, do I really have to type the rest of this? Oh please, I'll just get back to this section later... ... ...

  (i) (n) (f) (o)  
Visit the guide page for further information on rooming and curses.

  (n) (o) (t) (e)  
Everyone starts out with one sapphire, one black stone, two silver stones, and two red stones during these opening two weeks.
The first two weeks' rooming will carry on into the month of October.
Comment if you don't want this to happen for your character.